Angela Narron


Angela R. Narron was born and raised in Johnston County, North Carolina.  If you looked at her family tree, you’d see that her ancestors could say the same for many generations back.  Her Johnston County roots go deep and she loves this place and its people like family.

After graduation from Smithfield-Selma High School, she earned degrees from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. One of her ultimate goals is to find the time to earn a third degree from North Carolina State University so she can have the full set of Big Three diplomas on her office wall.

Upon earning her law degree, she joined the Wake Forest law firm of Warren Perry Anthony and Cook, P.A.  She practice in Wake Forest for seventeen years, becoming a partner in the firm that eventually became known as Warren Jordan Narron Shackleford and Mackay, PLLC.  While in Wake Forest, she practiced primarily in the area of family law, but also handled a wide range of civil litigation, including injury cases, land partitions, contract disputes, debt collections, title disputes and insurance disputes.  She also became active in her new home, chairing the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce in 2001 and the town’s annual arts and crafts festival for several years and participating in a wide variety of groups, including the Wake County Volunteer Lawyers Program Board of Directors, the Wake Forest Birthplace Society Board of Directors and the Wake Forest Jaycees.

In late 2010, she found herself longing to come back to her roots. So with much trepidation and excitement, she founded the Law Office of Angela R. Narron, PLLC, in October 2010.

It was the right decision.  With offices only a half-block from the courthouse in Smithfield, she’s found her place. Focusing her practice on family law, she is still a passionate advocate for her clients. But now, she’s only minutes from her home, a farmhouse built by her grandfather over sixty years ago. She also gets to have lunch with her grandma once a week. Meet her sisters for shopping. Take her niece to the park on teacher’s workdays. And getting the call from her parents that dinner is ready if she wants to drop by when she leaves the office isn’t too bad either.

Her most treasured possession is a letter she received from a client at the close of a divorce case.  The client had come to Angela, emotionally devastated by the end of a thirty-plus year marriage.  After several months, a favorable resolution was reached that meant that the client, who had followed her spouse around the world for his career at the expense of her own, could financially take care of herself now.  In the letter, she thanked Angela for her representation, but also thanked her for “helping me to maintain my self-respect and dignity through it all.”

That’s what it’s all about for Angela. Take care of the legal problems, yes, but also take care of the person.

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